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Berlin to Brooklyn


Yvonne Ambrée (also known as Panteon) writes, records, produces, and performs songs that bridge time and space, earth and sky, analog and electronic, introspection and observation. She was born in Berlin, and now lives and works between Berlin and Brooklyn. 


Ambrée’s latest project is a collaboration with Brooklyn-based producer Jeremy Page. Ambrée and Page have together generated an eclectic sound that is as ample as it is elegant and as tender as it is tenacious. Voluptuous vocal harmonies abide by vividly arranged synth and analog instrumentals, creating a rhythmic current for the listener to drop into. 


Shaped by the slow return to social enmeshment after two years of pandemic life, these songs explore dimensions of desire, longing, non-attachment, and letting go.


Yvonne has also been working as a mixed-media and collage artist as well as music video editor.  She has produced most of her music videos including making music videos for other artists. 

Other Projects & Collaborations



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