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"...dreamy vocals, introspective lyrics,...a coastal beauty captured in a cascading wave of sonic precision"

- Impose Magazine (USA)

"...sultry folk..with an urgent vocal that cascades with a dreamy dimension that evokes a bit of early Kate Bush.."

- Soundblab (USA)

"..It’s the kind of electric alt.folk loveliness that you can freely bandy terms like “blissful”, “luscious” and “honeyed” in relation to; Yvonne’s vocal line gliding through a gossamer of guitars and organ; just a little woozy, just a little hazy, a waking dream of a tune..."

Backseat Mafia (UK) 

Listen to OPEN FIRE ( click on image ) 

Listen to Storyteller ( click on image ) 

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“Breathtaking”- Top 10 Ep’s of 2013,

(HuffingtonPost // UK)

“ ..a soft but solid beauty..In A Word: Philosophical“ –

review on Lionize EP 

(The Aquarian // USA)

“…Take Berlin’s music comes off as heartfelt and honest with a decidedly vintage feel…“

( Collectivo Futuro // UK)


(Pittsburg Tribune // USA)

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